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Updated 11/29/13.
Everything comes from a smoke free home!
If needed please do ask for close ups and descriptions of anything!

-Utena: Shoujo Kakumei Ax Art collection [right 1st row] $250
-Utena: La fillete Revolutionary Girl [right 2nd row] $70
-Please Save My Earth [middle 2nd row] $35
-Rahxephon [English] [left 2nd row] $15
-Weiss Kreuz #1 [middle 3rd row] $33
-Angel Sanctuary [English] [left 3rd row] $17
-Aria Reiko Shimizu [right 3rd row] $28

sailor moon listed below

More clamp stuff may be found in the book area on occasion.
-RG Veda Illustrations (case & 2 books) $45
-South side Art book [English] $23
-Wish Memorial Illustration Collection $45
-Card Captors Illustration $40
-Clamp no Kiseki #s : 3,4,5,6 [all in English] Each $10 or all for $32
* I do have about 5 chess pieces left just ask if interested.

-Wish #3 with color pages $4
-Magic Knight Rayearth set $20
-Magic Knight Rayearth #4 $2.50
-Magic Knight Rayearth #2 &3 japanese & color pages $7.50 each or both for $13

 English hardcover book meet sailor moon vol 1 $10

Art book volume 5 has tiny scuff in the slipcover at the top .everything else about it is perfect as you can see in the 2nd picture. $350

Sorry for the bad pictures if you would like better or close ups of any just ask.
Manga Vol. 1

Manga Vol. 3 Sold
Manga Vol. 4 Sold
Manga Vol. 7 Sold
Manga Vol. 9 Sold
Manga Vol.supers 2
Manga Vol.supers 3
Manga Stars 3 Sold

Click to enlarge.
$4.50 each (unless where noted)
SM Comic 1(second printing) Sold
-Sailor Moon Comic 2(second printing)
-Sailor Moon Comic 3(second printing)
-Sailor Moon Comic 4 (second printing)
-Sailor Moon Comic 22
-Sailor Moon Comic 23 (has some crinkle to the cover only and a 4 written on the cover ) $3
-Sailor Moon Comic 24 (has some crinkle to the cover only) (I have 2 copies )$3.75 each
-Sailor Moon Comic 27
-Sailor Moon Comic 34

Large Sticker:(not Official i think, but its nice.) $2
Close up:

Note Cards $2.50 each
- BACK writing says they are from (made in)Korea.
Comes with an envelope and clear plastic slip. All are different designs on the back, front and inside.

SOLD letters:

Thanks For looking
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