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***Currently in the process of organizing and getting rid of the spam comments that cropped up while I was away. Also taking out old inventory that is not available any more and putting up new fresh stuff some areas are closed off for the moment. Very old comments are in the process of being screened.
-Alicia [Yukifairy]

Hi! Welcome to my sales community, I have been selling since September 2008 starting as a newbie at  GSJ Comm plus other sales comms before I started sale posts in my personal journal but decided to create this community to have easier navigation through the posts and comments (without bugging my personal friend list with my sale posts haha.).All older sales post at my personal journal have been "hidden (locked)" from the general public (except the old feedback post but if you where a buyer then and would like to look at them please let me know.

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Thanks so much for selling to/ buying from me!!! You can leave Feedback here at this post or at my first
old Feedback post  in my journal. (77+)

Ebay 100%

If you would like me to leave you feedback (if I haven't already done so, but I know sometimes people decide to make a feedback page after their first buy or sale), please put a link in your feedback comment so I may do so.(One comment with both)
       EXAMPLE: Got my stuff Thanks Blah blah blah. Could you leave me Feedback :link

If you have any concerns about our transaction of goods, money, please email me at :


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BOOKS n stuff

-Note on sets(and boxes) if a person only wants to buy one
book and at the same time another wants to buy the set, the set buyer
gets priority over the individual buyer.
-Almost all are first pressing (meaning if they had color pages when first printed)
-Ask for more info and Pictures Of individual manga if needed

Dragon Knights 1-12 $36                      

Lament of the Lamb 1-3,5 $3 each

Lagoon Engine Einsatz $3

D.N.Angel 1-7 $21         

Cantarella 1,3 $3 each

Snow Drop 8,9,11,12  $3 each

Kare Kano 1-2   $3 each       

Here is Greenwood 1-2 $3 each

Gravitation 1-2,2 $3 each

Princess Ai 1,3 $3 each

Demon Diary 1 $3

Juvenile Orion 1 $3 each

Decendents Of darkness 1 $3

Land of the Blindfolded 1 $3

Doubt 1 $3

Fake 7 $3

Oyayubihime Infinity 2 $3

THESE ARE  VOLUME 1(s) (or single volume stories)

$3 each

Kamunagara Sold

Darkside blues



Saiyuki Reload


Peace Maker Kurogane

Boys Be


Eyeshield 21

Desert Coral Sold

The Prince of Tennis


The Ring Sold

Spiral Sold

$3 each


Marmalade Vol 4

Othello Vol 7

Diabolo 1-3 Sold

The Queen’s Knight 1-3 Sold

Tuxedo Gin 1-2

Wolfs Rain 1-2

Samurai Deeper Kyo 1-2

Gundam Seed 1-2

Louie the Rune Soldier 1-2 Sold

Crazy love Story 1-2

Rahxephon 1-2

Cross 1-2

$3 each

$3 each

Fushigi Yugi : genbu kaiden 1-2
Alichino 1-3

Eternity 1-2,4-5 Sold

Kill me, kiss me 1-2,5
$3 each

$3 each

Yuyu Hakusho 1 (Limited ed.shiny cover )
Your and my Secret 1
Sweet n Sensitive 1 Sold
Soul to Seoul 1
The Tarot Cafe 1 Sold
Neck and neck 1
Mars volume 2 Sold
Paradise Kiss volume 3

Ororon 1-4 $12
Eerie Queerie 1-4 $12
INVU 1-3 $9
Wish 1-4   $16 Sold

Deathnote 1-4, 6-12 $34 as a set ($3.50 individually)

Hot Gimmick 1-11 $34 as a set ($3.50 individually)

Imadoki 1-5 $15
Alice 19th 1-2, 4 $9                      #5,6,7 areSold
Please save my earth 1-3 $9

Ogre Slayer v2 Love's Bitter Fruit $4
Revolutionary Girl UTENA v1 $4 Sold
Azumanga Daioh 1,2,4 $9 (color pgs)

Earthian v1 $4.50
Doll v1 $8 hardcover

Domu $2.50 Sold

$5 each:
Battlefield of pacifists Sold
blind targetSold

Episode zero $8Sold

Call me princess (Oversize) $3.50

Japanese,chinese(?) & French manga  $2 each

the top book :Black jack Sold


pandacute fall food


Updated 11/29/13.
Everything comes from a smoke free home!
If needed please do ask for close ups and descriptions of anything!

-Utena: Shoujo Kakumei Ax Art collection [right 1st row] $250
-Utena: La fillete Revolutionary Girl [right 2nd row] $70
-Please Save My Earth [middle 2nd row] $35
-Rahxephon [English] [left 2nd row] $15
-Weiss Kreuz #1 [middle 3rd row] $33
-Angel Sanctuary [English] [left 3rd row] $17
-Aria Reiko Shimizu [right 3rd row] $28

sailor moon listed below

More clamp stuff may be found in the book area on occasion.
-RG Veda Illustrations (case & 2 books) $45
-South side Art book [English] $23
-Wish Memorial Illustration Collection $45
-Card Captors Illustration $40
-Clamp no Kiseki #s : 3,4,5,6 [all in English] Each $10 or all for $32
* I do have about 5 chess pieces left just ask if interested.

-Wish #3 with color pages $4
-Magic Knight Rayearth set $20
-Magic Knight Rayearth #4 $2.50
-Magic Knight Rayearth #2 &3 japanese & color pages $7.50 each or both for $13

 English hardcover book meet sailor moon vol 1 $10

Art book volume 5 has tiny scuff in the slipcover at the top .everything else about it is perfect as you can see in the 2nd picture. $350

Sorry for the bad pictures if you would like better or close ups of any just ask.
Manga Vol. 1

Manga Vol. 3 Sold
Manga Vol. 4 Sold
Manga Vol. 7 Sold
Manga Vol. 9 Sold
Manga Vol.supers 2
Manga Vol.supers 3
Manga Stars 3 Sold

Click to enlarge.
$4.50 each (unless where noted)
SM Comic 1(second printing) Sold
-Sailor Moon Comic 2(second printing)
-Sailor Moon Comic 3(second printing)
-Sailor Moon Comic 4 (second printing)
-Sailor Moon Comic 22
-Sailor Moon Comic 23 (has some crinkle to the cover only and a 4 written on the cover ) $3
-Sailor Moon Comic 24 (has some crinkle to the cover only) (I have 2 copies )$3.75 each
-Sailor Moon Comic 27
-Sailor Moon Comic 34

Large Sticker:(not Official i think, but its nice.) $2
Close up:

Note Cards $2.50 each
- BACK writing says they are from (made in)Korea.
Comes with an envelope and clear plastic slip. All are different designs on the back, front and inside.

SOLD letters:

Thanks For looking
pandacute fall food

Individual Comics


I have some i have  yet to list so just ask if you are looking for something in particular.

These are individual comic issues they range from mainly from 20 to 30pgs each and grouped together make up a single volume.

Prices range put your offer down I am too lazy to look up all of these for reselling prices right now ( so you may get some super cheap.
though the more you but the better the deal i will give you.

Most will be like $.75 to $5


P=Part (volume  in the series)
#= the comics issues number in the volume it makes up.
AS= all color (full color comic)
SC= some color pages
(#c)= if I have multiple copies of a certain issue. Example: Pokemon p1 #2(3c),4,5,6(2c)

Ask if you have any questions or would like more pictures and info on individual issues ect...


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Silent Mobius -#6 AC

Area 88 -#10

El-Hazard -P6 #5

Gall Force -#2 AC

Agent X P1 -#5 AC

Iczer3- #2

Gigantor- #9

Metal Bikini- #1

RIOT –P2 #4

Shadow Lady- #1

Rion2990- #2

Neon Cyber- P1 #5

Aqua Knight- #1 (comes with a color poster)

Love Hina- #2 (RtoL)

Phantom Quest Corp.-#1(2c)

IIta, Code of the Dragon- #1 (Autographed)

Aquarium -#2,3(3c)


Record of Lodoss War: The Grey Witch- #1

Record of Lodoss War: Deelit’s Tale - #3

Xenon:Heavy Metal Warrior - #10 & 14

Dominion (Special):Phantom of the Audience

Dominion : Conflict (no more Noise)-#1

Ghost in the Shell Supplement: AC (FREE with purchase of Dominion)

Reality Check- #1&2 AC


Ceres: Celestial Legend –

P1 #5

P3 #1&2

P4 #4

Card Captor Sakura -#19

X1999- #1,2,3



P3 #3,6,7

P5 #3,4(2c),6

P6 #3(2c)


Gundam 0083 - #3 AC (Film Comic Type)


Gundam 0079-

P1 #6

P2 #2,5


Gundam Wing- #6,12

Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz- #2 (RtoL)

Gundam Wing: Episode Zero- #1,2,3,_,5,6,7,8

Gundam Wing: Battle Field Of Pacifists - #2,3

Gundam Wing: Ground Zero- #3,4

Gundam Wing:Blind Target- #2


Dragon Ball-

P2 #9,10,13 (R To L)

Dragon Ball Z-

P2 #13(R To L)

P3 #9,10(R To L)


No Need For Tenchi-

P3 #6

P8 #3

P9 #2

P10 #2,5

P11 #4


The Legend of the Mother Sarah- #3

The Legend of the Mother Sarah : City of the Childern- #1  


Outlanders- #17,18

Drakuun- #5

Caravan Kidd-

P2 #6,7,8

P3 #8


Neon Genesis Evangelion-

P1 #2,4,6

P5 #1,5,6

P6 #1


Inu-Yasha – P7 # 2,3,4,5,6,7


Lum- #3,6

Lum: The Return Of Lum –

P1 #2

P2 #4

P3 #4,5,6,_,8


One Pound Gospel- #1


Maison Ikkoku-

P1 #3

P3 #2,6

P4 #7

P5 #2


Mermaid’s Promise - #1, 2, 4

Mermaid’s Mask - #2

Mermaid’s Dream - #3

Mermaid’s Gaze - #3


Ranma ½ -

P1 #3 AC

P1 #5

P3 #2

P4 #2,3,7

P5 #1,5,6,11

P6 #1,4

P8 # 1 & 2


 *The Electric Tale of Pikachu #1,2,3,4 (two Copies of each)

 *The Electric Pikachu Boogaloo-#1,3(2c),4

 *Surfs up Pikachu-#1

 *Pikachu Shocks Back - #2,3

 POkemon Power (FREE)

pandacute fall food


Transactions Status

Hi as of  7/22/09 this is now Transactions Status check so you can see whats the status of your package and it helps me keep better track so i don't  have to sift through old comments later on. Links to our conversation if it happened here on LJ will be in the purchase summary of your line. Comments with email addresses will be screened.


Date(m/d/y) - Buyer - Purchase Summery(link) - Payment - Feedback Given - Feedback Received - (Shipping Status) Deliver Confirmation/Tracking

(If our transaction was through email (or other private ways) then there might not be a purchase summery link.)

MO=Money Order
c/mMP= Cash or Money Order MAIL payment

FC= First Class
FCI= First Class International
MM= Media Mail
PM= Priority Mail
PMI= Priority Mail International
DC/T= Deliver Confirmation or Tracking (link)

FG= Feedback Given (link)
FR= Feedback Received (link)
D/R= Delivered/Received Package

7/22/09- elle_mariachi - Clamp goods - Payment Received PP  - FG -FR - Shipping Status (2 Part Shipment - FCI Package with item CnKv1-D/R, PMI Package with books& dvd - D/R

8/8/09- darkangelilith - Clover books - Payment Received PP  - FG -FR- (Shipping Status: Shipped MM Packaging) DC/T D/r

8/14/09- mpshiel - Manga  & Postcards- Payment Received PP -FG -FR (Shipping Status: Shipped MM Packaging) DC/T D/R

8/20/09- letoatreides - Sailor Moon Art Book lll - Payment Received PP -FG -FR (Shipping Status: Shipped MM ) DC/T  & INSU -D/R

8/20/09- psycho_acolyte - Azu dvds & Star poster - Payment Received PP -FG -FR (Shipping Status: Shipped MM (dvds) & (Poster shipped with tube FC on  8/28) DC/T  D/R

8/24/09- repogirl91 - Utena manga - Payment Received PP -FG -FR (Shipping Status: Shipped MM ) DC/T D/R

8/24/09- pochibubblytea - Tokyo Babylon & Legal Drug - Payment Received PP -FG -FR (Shipping Status: Shipped MM ) DC/T  D/R

8/28/09- zombies_bite - Gundam kit & Asuka  - Payment Received PP -FG -FR (Shipping Status: Shipping Status: Shipped PM ) DC/T  D/R

8/31/09- Gameof_fate - Super Memo Lot  - Payment Received PP -FG -FR (Shipping Status: Shipping Status: Shipped FC )  DC/T  D/R

9/5/09- elle_mariachi - wish books - Payment Received PP  - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped FCI ) D/R

- theanimequeen - Posters - Payment Received PP  - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped FC )   D/R

9/9/09- ladysojourner - sailor moon comic1 - Payment Received PP  - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped FC )   D/R

10/6/09- roxyk630 - Card Captor Sakura artbook - Payment Received PP  - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped MM ) DC/TD/R

10/24/09- Chiiyo_rin - Alice 19th - Payment Received PP - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped MM )  DC/T D/R

10/25/09- penni_ann - Shenmue Game - Payment Received PP - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped MM )  DC/T D/R

10/26/09- loveforgambit - Sailor Moon Artbook2 & Cards - Payment Received PP - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped MM ) DC/T D/R
11/7-10/09- shiraz_kun - Sailor Moon manga vol 4&7 - Payment Received PP - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped MM ) DC/T D/R

11/11/09- ashercroix - Gundam Manga - Payment Received PP - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped MM ) DC/T D/R

11/20/09- princesspatamon - sailor moon guide book & Hmanga - Payment Received PP  - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped PMI) DC/T D/R

11/27/09- misasong - Domu,mars,x1999 manga - Payment Received C - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped MM) DC/T D/R

11/28/09- Jrrosio - BlackJack manga - Payment Received C - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped FC) DC/T D/R

12/21/09- usagi_no_hotaru - Sukisho Complete dvd set - Payment Received PP - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped MM) DC/T D/R

12/26/09- usagi_no_hotaru - Stationery (my Melody &cinna ) - Payment Received PP - FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped PM) DC/T D/r

1/02-6/10- ssmoonlight - Diabolo manga - Payment Received PP- FG -FR - (Shipping Status: Shipped MM) DC/T D/R
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